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What is Autochartist?

Autochartist is a user-friendly but powerful companion to your trading. It is a technical analysis tool made for all levels of traders, and works by scanning the markets in real-time to alert users to trading opportunities. Autochartist seamlessly integrates with MT4 so you can easily make trading decisions on the fly.

Why use Autochartist with PU Prime?

  • Easy Access

    Autochartist constantly scans the markets in the background while you trade

  • Intuitive Visualisation

    Simple design, seamless integration

  • Focused Trading

    Autochartist does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus your attention on trading.

  • Trading Alerts

    Get real time alerts notifying you of trading opportunities

Autochartist MT4 Plugin

Autochartist now brings the world’s first market scanner directly to MT4 through the PU Prime trading platform.

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Autochartist Exclusive Features

  • Market Scanner

    Autochartist is a unique market scanner respected for its ability to provide statistically significant market movements, as well as identifying important price levels that have proven themselves to be catalysts for market movements.

  • Technical Indicators

    Receive automatic notifications from Autochartist when emerging and completed Chart Patterns such as Triangles, Wedges are identified. Traders can also take advantage of an automatically illustrated forecast range on completed patterns which indicates an expected price level.

  • Performance Statistics

    The performance statistics tool offers a broader view of patterns that reached forecast levels in the past 6 months. Autochartist also provides a list of favorites based on performance in the last 6 months so you can easily track patterns and get ahead of them.

  • Market Snapshot

    The market snapshot feature gives you an outlook of the markets for the next 24-48 hours. You get information about Tokyo, London, and New York stock exchanges as well. The system will notify you about major economic events around the world.

  • Volatility Analysis

    This function provides an overall assessment of risk and volatility with data to better inform you about setting profit and stop-loss levels. This way, you get to know the “personality” and choose your trading instruments better-informed about the current risks involved.

  • Market Reports

    Autochartist constantly examines financial markets and looks for breaking points. You get three reports every day with an overview of popular markets, hot opportunities, and expected reactions to upcoming economic events. Market reports are perfect for busy traders, saving you time and effort.

Taking Off With PU Prime

Want to start receiving alert and not miss any trading opportunities? Follow the few simple steps below to start using Autochartist on the PU Prime MT4 platform

  • Open a
    PU Prime Live Account

  • Fund
    your account

  • Contact your account manager to help you link your account to Autochartist

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