Pacific Union’s multi-account management provides traders or money managers with a high level of control that they need to maximise returns.

All Accounts, One Interface

The Pacific Union’s MAM/PAMM is a preferred choice for thousands of professional fund managers.

  • Flexible Change parameters instantly

  • Dynamic Real-time equity and P&L monitoring

  • Automated Easily calculate management fees

  • Compatible Allow Expert Advisors to run

  • MAM
  • PAMM

What is MAM?

MAM, multi-account management, is a trading system tailored for professional money managers to manage multiple sub-accounts through a master account.

MAM generally supports the following 6 transaction allocation methods: lot allocation, percentage allocation, balance proportion allocation, account net value proportion allocation, account net value percentage allocation and equal risk allocation.

What is PAMM?

PAMM is Percent Allocation Management Module, which leads clients to designate professional traders and fund managers.

With the PAMM solution, professional traders and money managers can manage multiple accounts through one trading platform and allocate their trading results proportionally among managed accounts based on the amount of money received from each account.

Why Choose Pacific Union MAM/PAMM?

  • Transparent Calculation of Fees and Commissions

    We track the forex markets in real-time so that you get fast accreditation of commissions in your live account;
    Withdraw your funds at any time;

    All Pacific Union money managers can quickly calculate performance fees for all their clients, as needed.

  • Customisable Trading Conditions

    Money managers gain the flexibility of a full service solution;

    Choose your trading conditions, including commissions, spread mark-ups, account currency, performance fees;

    Our low commission structure, combined with tight spreads, results in greater margins for trade managers.

  • Quick Deposit and Withdrawal for Uninterrupted Trading Activities

    Pacific Union helps money managers plan profit and loss goals on a per-account basis, based on open trade conditions;

    Easily withdraw or deposit funds in and out of MAM/PAMM accounts without disrupting trading activity.

  • Be a Part of the Pacific Union Money Manager Program

    With a host of solutions, right from a vast product range to automatic calculations and customisable trading conditions, The Pacific Union Money Manager Program is a preferred choice for thousands of professional fund managers.

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