Best Execution

Find out how we consistently achieve the best possible result when handling your orders and executing your trades.

No Dealing Desk Execution

All of our Pacific Union client's orders are executed with No Dealing Desk intervention, which results in superior pricing, faster results, a greater depth of liquidity, and fewer outages.

In addition, Pacific Union invests heavily in behind-the-scenes network technology to significantly lower latency. From rock-solid platforms and lightning-fast trade execution to raw spreads and flexible leverage across our product suite, you can rely on Pacific Union to deliver any time you're ready to take a trading opportunity.

Client Terminal

Pacific Union Servers Centre

Pacific Union's servers are located at the Equinix data centre in New York, where your orders are executed. Equinix data centres are known globally for their secure and reliable infrastructure.

Pacific Union in Numbers


Slippage is the term used, when the price at which your order is executed does not match the price at which it was requested. Slippage on stops is of a negative value for the client. Slippage on limits is of positive value for the client. In a sense, slippage is verification for traders operating in a real market environment and not an artificial one that could be manipulated by brokers and dealers. Slippage may not be entirely avoided, but it can be reduced. Pacific Union works with several advanced liquidity providers to cut down on the risk of experiencing slippage as much as possible.


Requotes are repeated requests made by a broker for confirmation of orders execution under new prices. A trader frequently opens an order under the specified price, but the market fluctuates, and prices change rapidly. Due to the delay in order processing or the sharp price fluctuation, a broker fails to open/close a transaction under the order's price and sends another request – requote with a new price – for a trader's confirmation. In case new prices are unsatisfactory for a trader, he can cancel this transaction. Requotes are a part of everyday Forex trading, so you can expect to encounter them occasionally. Pacific Union is connected to the most advanced technology and liquidity providers, making trades reach our servers quicker, which inevitably reduces the need for requotes.

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